We’re very proud of our five-star reputation and following lots of hard work and dedication we are really pleased to announce that we have received accreditation for our intruder alarms and CCTV camera systems from the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board.) 

What is SSAIB?

SSAIB stands for Security Systems & Alarm Inspections Board, it’s currently the leading body for businesses providing security systems and services in the UK. An SSAIB approved security systems company will be subjected to regular audits against British and European standards for system design, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

All firms that are certified have undergone a thorough audit to assess its products, installations and services, so if you see the SSAIB logo, you know you’re dealing with a security system company you can trust.

Why choose an SSAIB firm?

When it comes to protecting your property from the potentially devastating impact of crime or fire you can’t afford to take any chances. Choosing the correct fire or security protection system and service provider is vital.

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) only certificate companies that can demonstrate technical and managerial competence through an inspection of the processes and procedures they operate.

By using an SSAIB-certificated company, you are assured that the installer has been subject to a wide range of relevant checks – with respect to both technical competence and professional conduct.

The SSAIB check the following so that you don’t have to:

  • Personnel have been screened to the relevant British Standard
  • Competence and experience of management and staff
  • Insurance cover is relevant to the level and nature of work undertaken
  • Premises are adequate for their activity and that the security of documentation and records is ensured
  • That best-practice standards are maintained.
  • That sufficient staff and resources are employed to provide the services offered
  • Compliance with all relevant standards and codes of practice, British or European
  • Identity cards are always carried

In order to be SSAIB accredited there is an initial certification audit and on-going annual surveillance audits. Each certificate has its own strict criteria to be met, for example there are checks made into the standard of workmanship and quality of products used, as well as the financial stability of the company.

So how does that benefit you?

The remit of the SSAIB as a certification body is to look out for the interests of the consumer. By enforcing strict quality and performance standards, you can be sure that any certified provider has met those standards, as assessed by an impartial third party. An SSAIB accreditation is not a one-off test either. The audit process is repeated annually to ensure that that same level of care, skill and professionalism is maintained throughout every installation.

It also has other benefits; in most cases where security or fire alarms are installed for insurance purposes, the insurer will insist that a third-party certified provider (such as one with SSAIB accreditation) is employed. In using an SSAIB accredited installer, you’re then showing the insurance company that you’re taking safety and security seriously, and the insurance company will be able to approve your application quicker.

If your home security system or company has an SSAIB approved system, it qualifies you for a Unique Reference Number (URN). This URN is designated to your security system so that if an alarm is triggered, the receiving operator can quote the number when reporting it to the police and you’ll be guaranteed a fast response.

In short, if you choose an SSAIB accredited company, you know that the works carried will be done so with the utmost professionalism, highest level of quality and transparency every step of the way.

Being an SSAIB certified provider is important to us because it demonstrates the high standards that we set ourselves and achieve. You can check our status on the SSAIB website at any time.

See the SSAIB website here.