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Keep your home and business secure with a professionally installed burglar alarm system. 

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Highlander Security Systems is an SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accredited company who design, install and maintain a range of state-of-the-art intruder alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties throughout Ayrshire and the whole of Scotland.

We install the latest residential and commercial intruder alarm systems, complete with monitoring and maintenance services to keep your home or business premises secure and protecting you, your staff and your premises at all times.

Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems

If you are looking to install a home alarm system then you are probably aware that you can get either a wireless burglar alarm system or a wired burglar alarm system, but what are the differences between the two and how do you know which one is right for you?

One of the first things you may want to consider is the installation of the system, the main benefits of a wireless system are that it is a lot easier to install and doesn’t require wires to be run through the property, which is often a big plus for homeowners.
With a wireless system we recommend that you change the batteries every two years, so the cost to run a wireless system may be slightly more, but as there is more work when installing a wired system then initial cost to install a wired system will be higher.

Modern wireless systems are just as reliable as wired systems and they also have the advantage of being much more flexible in terms of adding additional sensors and devices.

If you already have an existing wired burglar alarm system in your home and you are unsure it is functioning correctly or feel as though it needs upgrading, then it may be an option to utilise the existing wired system with a new control panel or sensors, please contact us if you would like a free no-obligation site survey.

Control Your Burglar Alarm System In a Variety of Ways

Our alarm systems are intelligent and easy to use and can be accessed and controlled in a variety of ways, ranging from entering a code into a keypad, to using proximity tags and key fobs.

They can also be controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet which means that you can arm and disarm your intruder alarm system from anywhere in the world and receive notifications should the alarm be triggered, giving you complete control and peace of mind.

Monitored Intruder Alarm System

Our burglar alarm systems come with the option of being  keyholder monitored or being registered for police response, ensuring 24/7 coverage to respond to alarm activations even when you are away from the property.

A monitored system is recommended for commercial premises. These are normally registered with the police who issue a Unique Reference Number for your premises.

The monitored alarm systems are linked to an ARC (alarm receiving centre), who will be notified if the system is triggered, they will then in turn notify the police if you have chosen to have police response, or a list of key holders as soon as the signal is received.

Commercial Security Systems

Highlander Security Systems also specialise in installing and maintaining commercial intruder alarm systems for businesses. Whether it is a small retail store, a restaurant or a large factory, we will assist you from the initial site security survey, right through to the installation, ensuring all questions are answered and training has been given to ensure you and your staff know exactly how the system works.

As an SSAIB certified company we can provide our commercial customers with insurance approved security systems, SSAIB is recognised by all major insurance brokers within the UK. Additionally with SSAIB we can provide our clients with Police Response via our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring highest levels of security are provided to our customers.

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